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Begin with the End in Mind - Achieving state standards in collaborative online learning with efolios and wikis

Dr. Siri Anderson

Dr. Lorraine Boyle

Dr. Barbara Bridges



1)      Welcome and Introduction


2)      Deconstructing the tools, the experience, the outcomes


           a. Collaborative Learning


               i.Why do we do collaborative learning?


               ii. Benefits and struggles?


          b. State Standards – K-12and SEP/teaching standards


              i. How do state standards guide/help/distract us?


              ii. What do we hope for when using them?



3)      Resourcesaround wikis and efolios


Model efolios

Model wikis 

Google Docs



4)   Review wikis/efolios and other online resources in small groups




5)   Create your own free online collaborative materials (wikis or mindmaps) or   online presentations materials (efolios or podcasts)


        a. Creating accounts


b. Identifying purpose


c. Adding data




d. Celebrating new toys/accomplishments!




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